Story By: Lakelyn Bentley




Landon Bentley


Hometown: Columbiana, Alabama

Class: Grad Student

Major: Computer Science and Math

Minor: Spanish



Why did you join the Honors College?

“I joined the Honors College so I could have the opportunity to take some of the more unconventional and creative classes offered by the department. As a Computer Science major, I enjoyed being able to balance my more technical courses with Honors courses that really allowed me to engage with others in a creative way.”


What was your favorite Honors class you took over the course of your 4 years?

“My favorite Honors Class that I took over the course of my 4 years at UA was Art for Life’s Sake, taught by Rob Alley. This class gave me a new appreciation for different art forms that I had never really experienced before. Since my classes tend to be task-oriented, it was extremely enjoyable to take a class where the goal was simply to have experiences and explore how art can evoke life lessons and emotion in such unique ways.”


What would you say to incoming freshmen who are considering joining the Honors College?

“I would tell any incoming freshman to definitely consider the Honors College. No matter what your interests are, the Honors College has something to offer that will allow you to explore those interests and challenge yourself.”