Name: Beka Lescenski 

Major: Psychology 

Minor: Human Development and Family Studies 

What are your plans after graduating?

I am pursuing my Ph.D. in School Psychology, specifically in Neuropsychology.

Why did you choose to join the Honors College?

I chose to join the honors college for the opportunity to be surrounded by motivated students that would encourage me academically, as well as the opportunities for friendship and career preparation. 

What was your favorite class you’ve taken with the Honors College and how has that class impacted you since you took it?

My favorite class I’ve taken with the honors college is Art for Life Sake. I enjoyed being able to look at art, not only through the lens of art but as a part of everyday life.  The focus on mindfulness and different types of art forms allowed me to make connections and understanding beyond the academic sphere.

What will you take from the Honors College into your life beyond graduation? 

The skills I have learned through the rigor of classes and the relationships I have made with both my peers and professors will carry me beyond my time at the Capstone.