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Dance Alabama

STORY BY SAM WILKE PHOTOS BY NOAH SUTTON I bought a black leotard, pink tights and ballet shoes at Wal-Mart the night before I attended my first dance class at 8 years old. After my mother dropped me off for my first class, I...

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O Say Can You Eat?

STORY AND PHOTOS BY Elizabeth Selmarten Elizabeth Selmarten really likes food. Because of this,...

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We are UA

Kinsey Stanley attended the Crimson Culture Gala, a celebration of diversity at the university. While there, she captured photos learning new dances, meeting incredible people and tasting delicious food.

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All But Two

In classes throughout Nott Hall, students will claim allegiance to each of the states from sea to shining sea, along both borders and on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line. Well, that is, all except two.

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