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Boys in Ballet

Ballet boys have seemed like an oxymoron to the general public for centuries. The backlash is profound in popular media, such as the recent remark made by Laura Spencer on Good Morning America. These four UA male dance majors shared their insight into what they experience in their daily lives during rehearsals, balancing school on top of dancing, and their personal stories on how they came to be who they are today in the UA theater and dance program.

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A Language of Silence

Is it possible to portray characters, depict the human spectrum of emotion, create shapes and lines, challenge ideas, excite people, inspire society – all without ever opening your mouth? Sounds impossible, right? dispersed around this campus and around the world are people who do just that: dancers. They speak a language of silence that can be heard by anyone who chooses to listen watch.

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On The Same Page

On a chilly Thursday in January, Ridgecrest West buzzed with activity. Students gathered in lounges on each floor of the Honors College dorm, ready to meet for the first time since Christmas Break.

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Desert Bloom

Photography by: Michael Beer Much of  Southern California had been experiencing a substantial...

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Life and Death at the Open Mic

There is a moment of absolute silence after the poet takes the stage and before the stanzas begin to flow where the world seems to stand still, arch its neck towards the microphone, and listen.

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Finding Strength in Music

Music is powerful. It is one of the most universal forms of art, constantly in action all around the world, and it has been for centuries. Music creates emotion and stems from creativity and a need for individual expression.

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