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Professor Profiles

STORY BY Jacob Pierce PHOTOS BY Jacob Pierce DESIGN BY Caroline Jerome Composed of a wide array of...

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Sweet Tea and The SEC

Have you ever wondered what could make a student from the beautiful beaches of Oahu, Hawaii or California, home to some of the most prestigious public colleges in the world, move across the country to the town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama?

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Brandon Chalmers

Brandon Chalmers is transforming the community he grew up in, recruiting one student at a time.

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Better Together

Sometimes while walking the sidewalks of The University of Alabama’s campus, you might think you’re seeing double. Photographer Sarah Westmoreland met with pairs of identical twins who call this campus home, both students and professors, in order to capture their alikeness as pairs as well as their uniqueness as individuals.

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Dancing Over Yonder

If all the world’s a stage, why don’t more people dance? Here is just one answer to that question: technology.

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