Story by: Alex Trame

Olivia Davis

Class: Junior

Majors: Psychology & Political Science

Hometown: Anniston, AL

Why did you join honors college?

“I applied for Honors College because I wanted to be a part of an academically rigorous program
at UA that would instill a strong work ethic in me. I wanted to grow in many different areas of
knowledge while pursuing my college degree, and I immediately knew that Honors College
would do just that.”

Is there a program that you are looking forward to that the honors college has to offer?

“I really love the different study abroad options through the Honors College. There are so many
diverse opportunities to travel through the program, and each study abroad opportunity
provides a unique learning perspective.”

What’s your favorite UH course?

“My UH 102 class was so much fun! There were only six students in the course, and it centered around an in-depth study of the book “American War.” Our final exam was a dinner party at our professor’s home, and it was honestly one of the most fun experiences I have had thus far at UA.”