Story By: Justin Estes


Amber Fenimore


Hometown: Northport, AL

Class: Sophomore

Major: Management Information Systems

Minors: International Business and Global & Cultural Perspectives



Why did you choose to join honors college?

“I graduated from a small high school so coming to college the thing that I was most nervous about were the large classes. After hearing about honors college I knew that it would be a great opportunity for me to adjust to college through the smaller class sizes while also allowing me to meet people.”


What has been your favorite honors class so far?

“Definitely my UH 155 class that I took first semester of my freshman year. It was a small class with only about 15 people which really helped everyone to bond and form friendships. The class was focused on group projects and discussions that really helped develop a sense of community.”


Is there anything you would change about the honors college system at UA?

“I think the honors college is doing a great job of sending out updated information on COVID-19, but the one thing I would suggest is if there were workshops or meetings that could be set up to help connect honors college students. Right now especially, it’s hard to stay connected on campus. I feel like some sort of zoom meet and greet or event would help students who are missing out on the closeness of honors college classes.”


What would you say to incoming freshmen who are considering joining the honors college?

“I think every freshman should join honors college! Even for people who weren’t very involved in their high school, honors college offers a community that is vital to navigating college. Becoming involved is one of the best ways to meet people, and the opportunities that honors college offers are unlike any other. My freshman year one class is where I have met most of my college friends, and without honors college those relationships would not have been possible.”