Alpha Psi Omega: Gamma Gamma Cast

Alpha Psi Omega is a nationally recognized honor society for students studying theatre. Here at the University of Alabama we are the Gamma Gamma Cast and belong to Region Four. Being a part of Alpha Psi Omega is more than just finding people who have a common interest, it is a group of people who love and support the performing and technical arts. The members of Alpha Psi Omega are continuously working to discover innovative methods of performance and craft, study and understand classic and modern theatre, and support the work of our peers. One event that Alpha Psi Omega hosts sporadically throughout the semester is Guerrilla Theatre. Guerrilla Theatre is a variety show and creative outlet for theatrical artists, dancers, poets, writers, and any performer of any kind. The Gamma Gamma Cast is proud to be a part of the University of Alabama and encourages you to come see what we are about.

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Meetings on Thursdays at 5, usually in Rowand Johnson Hall but are currently on Zoom