Story by: Kayla Market

Amanda Dorris

Hometown: Alexandria, VA

Class: Senior

Majors: Political Science & African Studies

Minor: Women Studies

Why did you join the Honors College?

“I joined Honors College because I wanted to experience more challenging classes. I didn’t apply until my second freshman semester. Most of my new friends that I was hanging out with had come to UA being accepted into the program. They encouraged me to join because we thought that through Honors College we could take some classes together.”

What has been your favorite honors course?

“My favorite class so far was one of the first I ever took. It was a seminar class called Morality & Feminine Experience. The class was taught by the amazing Dr. Lane McLelland and was my first real introduction to feminist writing. As a UH class typically entails, all of us in the class we’re in different majors. That’s probably the coolest part because everyone comes into a class with different ideas. Taking the class was actually what led me to add Women Studies as a minor.”

How has being in the Honors college made your life easier at UA?

“The Honors College always has classes when I struggle to fill my schedule out each semester. The ability to apply earlier than other students also helps me tremendously because as a political science/African American studies major, upper-level courses are small and therefore competitive.”

What advice do you have for freshmen who are their first year of the honors college?

To all freshmen in Honors, I would say take advantage of the courses UH offers. It’s the perfect chance to take a class you’re interested in that your major may not require. In doing so, you may be like me and find your minor. I’ve also made some cool friends from different majors in UH courses that I try to take classes with.”