Hometown: Pinehurst, North Carolina

Class: Senior

Major: Nursing


What made you choose to be in the Honors College?

 I liked the idea of having a smaller group within a big college to get the experiences of both. Large and small college!


What has been the most valuable experience you’ve gained from the Honors College?

I’ve gotten more insight into different areas that need attention across Alabama and throughout the country. One of these includes the issue with poverty in the state and the ways that we are trying to address it.


Do you have a favorite honors class you’ve taken?

My favorite class has been UH 105, HnMentor: Elementary Reading, where I had the opportunity to mentor elementary students and help them with their reading skills!


Do you have any advice that you would give to incoming freshmen to the Honors College?

Be sure to get involved early in clubs and activities. Remember that everyone is the “new kid” their freshman year and they are also looking for new friends!