Throughout Hewson Hall, there are tons of spaces for students to take meetings and study! From the enclosed collaboration rooms in the basement and first and second floors to the comfortable chairs and couches across the building, there’s always a spot to get work done inside the newest academic building on campus.

In addition to all of the space for students, Hewson is special with its own coffee shop; Cooper Cafe provides students with snacks and coffee to keep them motivated and working. Whether you’re picking up a coffee between classes or trying to stay awake, Cooper Cafe has something for everyone!

While Bidgood is usually quiet inside the student lounges, the outside courtyard has great spots to study when the weather is nice. If you want to study here, you’ll probably have to hurry for a table, as this is a pretty popular spot on nice days!

Another benefit of the Bidgood/Alston courtyard is its proximity to another coffee shop and Subway! The marketplace across from Subway offers coffee machines and snacks, including candy, sushi, and pastries, while Subway has its classic sandwiches and chips for a more wholistic meal. If you’re looking for a good lunch spot, check out the courtyard and benches between Bidgood and Alston!

If the courtyard is full but you still want to study outside and take advantage of the nearby food/coffee options, check out the benches towards Bruno Library! With plenty of shade but still outdoors, these benches offer another wonderful place to sit and get some work done. To find this walkway, go to the side facing the quad where the Bashinsky entrance is!