Hometown: Murfreesboro, TN

Class: Sophomore

Major: Biology

Minor: Food and Nutrition

Why did you decide to join the Honors College?

I wanted to have a sense of community away from home where I could meet like-minded students that would inspire me and push me to take on new challenges.

How has the Honors College helped you so far in your experience at the University of Alabama?

The Honors College has provided me with programs where I have made some of my closest friends on campus. A few of these programs include: Alabama Action prior to the start of my freshman year last year and the STEM to MBA program.

What about the Honors College has made life easier for you at school?

The Honors College has provided me with sources where I have learned about ways to get involved, and it has given me unique opportunities to listen to visiting guest speakers. It is also an added bonus that the Honors College gives out a lot of free food, and we get to sign up for classes first!

What has been your favorite honors class so far?

Honors Biology with Dr. Caldwell has been my favorite honors class so far. Dr. Caldwell really cares about his students and created a supportive and challenging environment.

What advice would you give incoming freshmen about the Honors College program?

Don’t be afraid to make friends that are different from those you hung around with in high school. The great thing about college is that everyone comes from a unique background and has a different view on the world. Talk to new people and learn from them without fear of personal change. Just be yourself!