Name: Emilia Cytron

Major: Biology 

Minor: Psychology

What are your plans after graduating?: I am currently in the process of applying to multiple graduate programs for genetic counseling. It is a really new and developing field that I am really interested and passionate about. Genetic counseling combines my interests in genetics and biology with the psychology behind communicating and helping patients. There are multiple Masters programs I am currently looking at, and I will hear back from graduate schools towards the end of April!

Why did you choose to join the Honors College?: When I was choosing schools, I was looking for a state school that also had some academic rigor. The Honors College at UA had that rigor in addition to having the state school feel. I was also really excited about living in the Honors dorms and meeting people who had similar interests and motivations. 

What was your favorite class you’ve taken with the Honors College and how has that class impacted you since you took it?: My favorite Honors College class was Life as a Scholar with Dr. Thomas Herwig. In Dr. Herwig’s class, we talked about the history of Tuscaloosa, specifically history related to race. After living here for three years, learning about the past and present of what Tuscaloosa is like outside of campus really changed my views and associations with this area. Life as a Scholar broadened my perspective and taught me to really open my eyes and pay attention to my community and people around me.

What will you take from the Honors College into your life beyond graduation?: The Honors College provided me with a close knit and supportive community that I plan on keeping in contact with after graduating from Alabama. The Honors College allowed me to create a network of people who are similar minded and are good contacts for me to have for future connections and opportunities.