Name: Camila Ramirez

Position: Photography

Hello! My name is Camila, and I’m a freshman majoring in International Studies and Management. I’m from a small town in Massachusetts and I am so excited to be here at UA. I’m not 100% sure what I want to do with my major but I do know that I definitely want to travel the world. I chose my major because I love learning about different cultures and I enjoy leadership. Before coming to UA, I went to a trade high school and studied HVAC/R, which was a really valuable experience for me because it helped me believe in myself and my skillset.

Back in high school I was heavily involved in clubs like Model UN and SkillsUSA and Girls in Trade MA, so I’m really excited to continue to evolve and continue my leadership journey in college. I decided to join Mosaic because I thought it would be a fun class to take because it’s so different from my other classes and fosters a sense of creativity. I’m on the photography team because taking pictures is fun for me but I also look forward to dabbling in a little bit of writing. I’m so excited to be a part of the team this semester. Roll tide!