Name: Max Bassett

Position: Digital Team

Max Bassett is a Senior at the University of Alabama majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Chemistry and a Pre-med concentration. He was born in raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where he fell in love with Alabama football. He is also a sports fanatic, and spends most of his free time watching some sort of game, whether it be football, basketball, or golf.

 Next year Max plans on attending Medical School at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine. He is extremely excited to further his career goals, but is also excited to experience a new city, with new people and new culture. He discovered his passion for medicine after beginning to consider careers outside of engineering during his sophomore year of college. He is particularly interested in health care in the underserved parts of rural Alabama.

 Max is extremely excited to be a part of the digital media team. He is excited to not only put together a project he is proud of but to also get to know the rest of the talented team.