Name: Emma Coons

Position: Digital Media Team

Hello there! My name is Emma Coons and this year I am more than excited to be Mosaic’s brand new Podcast Producer! Mosaic is such an exciting and almost undercover organization here at UA, and I am so happy I took the chance to join. This is my fourth semester with Mosaic so if that doesn’t prove I love this class – I don’t know what will!

A big thing when you meet me is I am definitely going to ask if you like basketball, because, well, I LOVE basketball. It’s the best sport ever! I am from Memphis, TN, which some may describe as “Hoop City,” but I call it home. In Memphis we all love our NBA team the Grizzlies, so if you like Ja Morant let me know! They exemplify the community the city of Memphis is based around. Memphis is such a vastly diverse area that it is hard to think we could all convene on a common interest, but the Grizzlies provide that for our city.

My future career goal is to hopefully go into sports media and more specifically in the future some kind of creative sports cinema such as sports documentaries. I find the “story of the game” way more interesting than the specific plays or statistics, although often those do tie into the story of the game. I work for Crimson Tide Productions, and we describe the way we tell the “story of the game” as “getting the story to the bar crowd.” You have to present the information and statistics in graphics so everyone watching that cannot hear the commentators still knows what is going on. I am a Creative Editor and Shooter for CTP where I make hype videos, features, and other creative content for Alabama Athletics’ various socials.

In a little more detail about me, I am a senior majoring in News Media with a Sports Concentration and minoring in Creative Writing and Management. I also am the Digital Director of and produce a podcast for UA’s premiere women’s magazine, Alice Magazine, called “Ask Alice” by-weekly. I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine, That 70s Show, New Girl, and I do love some good trashy reality television. Another passion of mine is plants! Or more particularly succulents, because they are much easier to care for. I have around 25 real and fake tiny plants all over my apartment, and seeing them each morning brings me so much joy. Another fun fact about me-I’m always talking about my joy! What brings me joy, how much joy I have, and when my joy is coming out. I am so excited for this final semester in Mosaic because I know it is going to bring me so much joy!