Name: Emily Stanko

Position: Digital Media Team

Hi, my name is Emily, I’m from Nashville, Tennessee, and I’m a senior at The University of Alabama pursuing a Bachelor’s in Psychology (with a minor in Spanish) and Management Information Systems and an accelerated Master’s in Management Information Systems! I’m graduating this fall and am excited to see what the future holds.

Some fun things about me: 

  • I love hockey and have been to a Stanley Cup final game (go Preds!)
  • My whole family consists of LSU fans, so I get a lot of comments during football season
  • I used to do competitive ballroom dancing with the UA team
  • I auditioned for Stranger Things’ first season
  • Last week, I built and deployed a website used by the university within 24 hours 

I have published a handful of websites and enjoy web development, so I’m looking forward to getting another opportunity to explore web development alongside the rest of the Mosaic staff.  I’m currently working as a teaching assistant for two MIS electives, MIS 521 and MIS 561, which gives me the wonderful opportunity to give back to the MIS program and share my experience and knowledge with my peers. I usually have to work with strict client requirements and a business value in mind, so being able to be creative with web development rather than just analytical and client-focused is something I’m very excited about!