Name: Emily Trawick 


Hello! My name is Emily Trawick and I am currently a senior at The University of Alabama majoring in Religious Studies with minors in Communication Studies and Real Estate. I am from a small town in southeast Alabama called Echo and I grew up on a chicken farm! Since chicken farming is definitely not my passion, I decided to come to The University of Alabama when I graduated highschool and have been so blessed by the experience it has given me. Currently I spend most of my time working, doing crossfit and other fitness things (like a triathlon I competed in last May), staying involved at my local church, and spending time with my friends and my dog Atlas. Atlas is an American Cocker Spaniel who thinks he is the king over my life (and maybe he is). We spend lots of time at the Will May dog park and learning new tricks. His best friend is a lab mix named Callie and they love destroying all of the expensive toys I buy for them! 

Next semester, I hope to start graduate school and get my masters degree in Communication Studies with hopes to teach at a university in the future. I have loved my time at The University of Alabama so I hope to get accepted into the graduate school here!

This year through Mosaic I hope to gain new knowledge of the world of journalism that I can carry with me and use throughout the rest of my life in academic and career pursuits. I am so excited to get to work with a group of such brilliant and talented students on this remarkable project!