Name: Axl Buccheit

Position: Photography Team

(Re-insert memorable and witty introduction)

My name is Axl J Buchheit (and yes, I did put my full middle name, no period). As of right now, I am a junior pursuing a Civil Engineering degree, but in my freshman year I was in a CS major. I can say, after my sophomore year that I think changing my major was the right course for me (lines of code weren’t my closest friends, vectors are better) and I am currently looking forward to the rest of the time I will spend here at the University. If you read my biography from last year, you may realize that not a lot of what is below this has changed (minus my Mosaic grouping). I don’t think this is because of a lack of growth, but more of a settling into the major path I have chosen and a balanced school/rest-of-the-time lifestyle. In the following paragraphs, I hope that you (whomever is reading this right now, yes, you) get to know me and maybe, if I did it right, laugh a little.

Currently I am (still) living in town with my family. I am the middle child, and I will proudly continue to believe that middle children are the best. While the family has both cats and dogs, I find that I am more of a cat person than a dog person (yes, the dark side of the force flows within this one). In my limited work experience throughout high school and during college, I have worked as a lifeguard, morning maintenance for a sports facility, the front desk and check in for the same facility, and a (professional) troublemaker at family dinners. I will be (shortly after writing this) looking for an available position, internship/REU/Co-Op/etc., at the UA career fair and hope that this work experience section will be longer the next time I write.

If you were to ask me what I enjoy doing when I am not doing academic related things, I would (still) answer you that I am a student and that never happens and other than that I enjoy reading, listening to music quietly, eating excessive amounts of sugar, and playing tennis. I also enjoy travel, which includes a lot of new and interesting food and the sheer beauty and wonder of the places it can take you.

My involvement with the University of Alabama is something I am hoping to increase/improve throughout this semester and by taking this course. I am currently (still) participating in Club Tennis, and I am also volunteer help for the UA Wheelchair Tennis Team (Roll Tide). I have never really done anything with cameras, photography, or photo-editing, so this course will be a (happy) first for me. In my previous semester with Mosaic, I participated with the Design team, which was a wonderful learning experience and an excellent group to work with. I hope to put a lot into this course and be a part of something that is different from everything that I have previously participated in (the exception being this very course in my last spring semester). 

I look forward to working with everyone on my specific team (Let’s Go Photographers!) and everyone in the Mosaic team to have a productive and exciting semester. 

One last time, Roll Tide!