Name: Rachael Collins

Position: Photography Team 

My name is Rachael Collins and I’m a senior at the University of Alabama. In May, I’ll be graduating with both my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Marketing; so you could say I’m a frequent customer at the Ferguson Center Starbucks. I’m also minoring in French, although if you ask me to speak it you may be disappointed. I’m a St. Louisian, born and raised, but I’m hoping to say goodbye to both Tuscaloosa and St. Louis after graduation to explore the rest of the country. However, I haven’t yet solidified my after graduation plans. I joined MOSAIC in a last minute attempt to complete my honors college requirements before graduation but I’m actually really looking forward to improving my photography skills, since I’ve always been into social media, which revolves around photo sharing and editing. 

A few facts to sum up my entirety in less than 500 words include: 

  • I love the color orange so much that I drive an orange Camaro, partially thanks to my dad’s car obsession. 
  • My favorite way to spend time is by traveling. My favorite memory from traveling is probably cage diving with great white sharks in Cape Town; while my least favorite memory is definitely getting pickpocketed in Paris.
  • Lady Gaga is always my top artist of the year on Apple Music and luckily I’ve had the privilege of seeing her in concert twice.
  • I spend a majority of my day thinking about dinner. My favorite thing to do in Tuscaloosa is try out new restaurants with my friends!

But I think I’m best described by my family, which consists of my mom, dad, older sister, and two dogs: a 160 lbs Great Dane and a 6 lbs Chihuahua. They serve as the best support system in the world. My mom and I share everything down to a birthday, making her a great source of advice. While my dad is my own personal motivational speaker, always reminding me that I can do anything I set my mind to. I’m also fortunate enough to have a sister who doubles as a best friend. Without them, I surely wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have, which includes being here, on the MOSAIC staff website.