Name: Madeline Moore

Position: Co-Photography Editor

Madeline Moore was born and raised in Alabama the Beautiful, although she doesn’t have the slightest hint of Southern accent. She is currently a sophomore double majoring in Computer Science and Creative Media with a minor in Spanish, although she was originally a dance major… and now considers adding another major through the New College. Selecting a singular field of study is quite the dilemma for someone who wants to learn anything and everything, such as Madeline.

For Madeline, nothing is more invigorating than overcoming challenges. It may appear as though she bites off more than she can chew at times, but this is exactly what fuels her hunger for achievement. One of these challenges that she took on upon enrolling in college was deciding to pursue a degree in Computer Science. She finds the idea of working in software development very exciting, and she hopes to find innovative software solutions to everyday, trivial tasks in her career. 

Although there is certainly a creative aspect to computer programming, Madeline enjoys exercising her creativity with media production as well, hence why she chose to study Creative Media. Her biggest inspiration within this field of study is her older sister, who has always excelled in directing and designing media of various mediums, and who always helps Madeline to refine her technical skills. If any of Madeline’s photos or videos are seen on the Mosaic website this semester, her sister definitely approved them first, although not without some nitpicking. 

Along with this older sister, who is currently a junior at UA, Madeline also has a younger brother who will be a freshman at the Capstone this coming fall; they are ecstatic about this reunion because they will again be able to play Mario Kart together. However, they certainly can’t be too excited, as they know Madeline is going to kick thei-

Growing up, Madeline dedicated most of her time to dance for 12 years before starting college. Although she has training and appreciation for multiple dance styles, she has always possessed a proclivity for contemporary and ballet. Dancing remains to be one of her greatest passions, and she aspires to create dance films professionally in the future. Along with her Creative Media major, she knows her position as a photographer/videographer for Mosaic will further her experience in media and filmmaking. Additionally, if one were to attend one of the Dance Alabama! shows on campus, you would almost certainly find Madeline on stage, as the event is one of her favorite campus involvements. 

With all that dancing, Madeline tends to work up quite the appetite. Her mom used to always tell her, “We eat to live, we don’t live to eat.” Madeline begs to differ. She has always been a big foodie, and will eat just about anything besides turnip greens. Her favorite foods are gyoza, sushi, the Original Krystal burger, açaí bowls, and nutella and strawberry crepes. As for eating local, her favorite food trucks on campus are Blendz Bowls and Red Bowl. As you can tell, Madeline was very hungry when she wrote this short biography, which she is surprised you finished reading.