Name: Annie Hollon

Position: Editor in Chief


My name is Annie Hollon and I do a lot of things at The University of Alabama. Originally from Dallas, Texas,  I’m an Honor College senior set to graduate in May double majoring in public relations and English, but my life at UA is much more than press releases and novel analysis.

At Mosaic Magazine, I am fortunate enough to serve as editor-in-chief for the Spring 2021 semester and work with a great team of Honors College students to create something truly special and representative of the odd times we’re living through. I honor my first love of journalism through my work as editor-in-chief of Alice Magazine, UA’s premier women’s publication, created for, written by and about college women. In Capstone Agency, I am a senior copywriter on The Plank Center client team, writing captions and content calendars like nobody’s business. I also am a part of the UA PRSSA Exec Board, serving as the vice president of promotions.

When I’m not writing, editing or going to meetings, you can find me marathoning the latest Netflix Original or reading a novel in one sitting. Often enough, you’ll find me listening to copious amounts of music (usually just Taylor Swift’s discography), creating monthly playlists and screaming along to said playlists in the Starbuck drive-thru. I’m also an avid recipe-trier, ranging from brunch recipes to complex pastries, that may not always be winners but are almost always edible. 


  • Name: Annie Hollon
  • Majors: Public Relations and English
  • Hometown: Flower Mound, TX
  • Class: Senior
  • Role: Editor-in-chief
  • Campus involvement: A lot
  • Free Time Fillers: Baking/cooking, reading, playlist making, Netflix Original aficionado