Name: Kyle Wesoloski

Position: Digital Media Team

Hello, my name is Kyle Wesoloski. I am a senior this year at the University of Alabama. I am working on finishing my degree in computer science and a minor in general business. My hometown is located about twenty minutes west of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After this year, I am hoping to get a job in software development. As a computer science major, I spend a large portion of my time programming. Occasionally, I participate in hackathons which are competitions centered around competitive programming. I mainly joined the Mosaic to hopefully improve my skills in front end design.    

Outside of Academia, I have several other interests. I enjoy sports, lifting, and volunteering to name a few. I try to participate in most of the intramural sports that are offered at UA in my free time. On a more daily basis, I go to the gym after class with some friends. Additionally, I grew up volunteering a lot with my church. Currently, I volunteer twice a week for an organization called Brown House. Here, we tutor and mentor elementary students in low-income areas.

Over the summer, I interned for the United States Airforce as a Software Engineer in Warner Robins, Georgia. I worked on development and testing on a few projects for several different aircrafts. I had a great time developing my professional and technical skills as well as the pleasure of meeting several other interns all over the south east.

Going forward with working on the Mosaic, I hope to contribute in any way I can. I am far from a journalism major, but I do enjoy problems solving and collaboration. Overall, I look forward to working with the Mosaic team this semester.