Name: Grace Murphy

Position: Digital Media Editor

Grace Murphy is a sophomore at The University of Alabama and is elated to continue her work with Mosaic. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, and currently lives in Houston, Texas but has lived in a multitude of places. Her personal favorite is London, England and she plans on returning to visit friends when she gets the chance to go overseas. She has previously served multiple organizations as Vice President of Marketing and PR. With this work, Grace has found her passion for social media marketing and broadcasting, influencing her studies here at the Capstone. 


While her journey is still fairly new to the university, she is very excited to meet new people and continue making an impact on the community. She served on the First Year Council last year and is a very active member in her sorority: Pi Beta Phi. Grace recently got a position in the Capstone Agency and is excited to work with her team very soon. As editor of the digital media team, she is excited to mentor and help her crew produce phenomenal work this semester! Grace hopes you enjoy the content she and her team are uploading, don’t forget to always check in on Mosaic’s socials.