Name: Sassy Mednikow

Position: Editor in Chief

Hello! My name is Sassy Mednikow, I am a senior here at The University of Alabama, and I am ecstatic to be Mosaic’s Editor-in-Chief this semester! I am getting a double major in music and business as well as a minor in accounting. This is my third semester in Mosaic. I started in fall of 2020 and came back in spring of 2023. I have learned so much from all my time in Mosaic, and I cannot wait to pass along that knowledge to all of our new staff members this semester. 

When not attending classes, you can find me playing music, crafting, and hanging out with friends. I am also social chair for the University Singers choir on campus. I also split my time between living in Tuscaloosa and Memphis, TN, where I was born and raised! I love the city, but I knew I wanted something very different for school. When I toured UA, I knew it was everything I was looking for! All the opportunities here, especially in the honors college, were my main pull to the university. I have loved every second of being here! 

I cannot wait to share what our staff works on this semester. Mosaic is truly a work of passion, as everyone loves what they are doing. I hope you enjoy!