Name: Hugh Hendricks

Position: Photography Team

Hello! My name is Hugh Hendricks, and I am a Junior here at the university. I am studying biology with a minor in chemistry on the pre-med track. My goal is to one day become a surgeon; I’m not sure what specialty I would like to go into yet but I’m currently maxillofacial or cosmetic surgery. In my career, I hope to be able to help people in underserved areas across the world as well as here in the United States. 

I currently am working in a freshwater ecosystems research lab where I study morphological variations in mussel shells. My research focuses on trying to find what environmental factors are correlated with shell differences. I am also the secretary for the student chapter of the American Chemical Society here on campus; ACS is a fun way to engage with people that have similar interests as me and is also a good opportunity to mentor younger students.

In my free time, I like to hang out with friends, especially outdoors like on a hike or something. I enjoy making music of all kinds; I can play several instruments and occasionally produce below-average beats on my computer. I also enjoy cheering on the Titans. I am from Nashville, Tennessee so it is always good to be able to run up there to catch a game. 

This is my first semester in Mosaic, and I am excited to learn more about what goes into making a magazine. I am pretty out of my comfort zone as a biology major, but that is the best way to expand your horizons. I’m excited to see what we can make this semester!