Name: George Chen

Position: Design Team

Hey! My name is George Chen and I am from Hoover, Alabama and I am a senior from
the University of Alabama majoring in Chemical Engineering on the pre-medical track. I
graduate in the Spring and am hoping to attend medical school. I can’t wait to bring stories to
life through graphic design in Mosaic!
Some fun facts about me are:
● I play intercollegiate esports for the university in the video game VALORANT.
● I am a volunteer firefighter in the Coker Volunteer Fire Department
● I have done powerlifting for 5 years.
● I do graphic design for the Good Samaritan Clinic Club as well as for my Fire
● I used to play 3 instruments: piano, violin, and guitar
● I can speak Chinese and a bit of Spanish
● I have visited China and Europe.
One of my greatest passions is drawing, whether it be people, places, or simple objects.
The thing that fascinates me about drawing is how the way an object is drawn can completely
change the meaning, tone, and vibe of the drawing. I extended that to my work in graphic
design, as while the writing brings a story to life, the design that surrounds it gives it character,
and accentuates the story’s tone. I applied these principles in my work at the Volunteer Fire
Department and in the Good Samaritan Clinic Club and hope to do the same in Mosaic.