Name: Andre Dutta

Position: Digital Team

Hello, my name is Andre Dutta and I am part of the Mosaic digital team. I am a junior from Roswell, Georgia and am majoring in Math and Economics and have a minor in General Business. I wanted to work with the Mosaic team because it would help me become more well-rounded and offer me the chance to look at things in a way differently than I am used to. I believe this experience will help strengthen my creativity and spark new ways of thinking. 

I plan on pursuing a career related to data analytics or market research, as they are fields that I am passionate about and have the skills to succeed. I plan on staying near Atlanta after graduation as there are many opportunities and I also have a lot of family and friends there. 

In my free time I like to work out, watch sports, look at memes, and watch DeVonta Smith highlights on YouTube. I also enjoy playing causal pick up games like football and basketball. I play a lot of Madden 25, and have a created player who has won numerous MVPs and Super Bowls. Some of my favorite snack foods include Extra Cheddar Goldfish, Hot and Spicy Cheez-Its, and Ritz crackers.

I am excited to get started working with this talented team!