Name: Kendall James

Position: Editorial Team

Hi, my name is Kendall James, and I am from Dallas, Texas. I am a senior at the University of Alabama, and currently, I am in the Accelerated Masters Program pursuing my Master’s in Marketing with a specialization in digital and social media. In undergrad, I am majoring in marketing with a minor in creative media. I will graduate at the end of this year, and I am hoping to find a position doing media or content marketing. 

In my free time, I love photography, travel, concerts, and anything in nature. I am also a bookworm with an immense love for iced coffee and trying new coffee shops. I studied abroad in Florence, Italy my sophomore year before being sent home due to the pandemic, and ever since, I have had an itch for adventure. Seeing new places and cultures and having the opportunity to photograph them is something that I am truly passionate about. I love hiking and camping, and if I had to choose between the beach or the mountains, it would be the mountains every single time. I am also a concert and music festival junkie, and I will go to absolutely any live music show, even if I don’t know the band.

I am excited to work as a part of the writing and editorial team for Mosaic because I enjoy writing, and I am excited to deepen my skills. I have worked in content marketing with a tech company writing blogs and thought-leadership pieces, and I really enjoy it. I have extensive experience with photography and social media, so I thought it would broaden my skillset most by joining the writing team. I am excited to write pieces that tell a story and highlight important topics.