Name: Kirstyn Corbett

Position: Digital Team

Need an Instagram caption, a book recommendation, or someone to proofread your paper? I’m your go-to! 

My name is Kirstyn Corbett, and I’m a junior from St. Louis, Missouri. Being born and raised in St. Louis gave me a love for Cardinals baseball and resistance to both extreme cold and stifling humidity. I can proudly say that my midwestern heart has an unrivaled craving for toasted ravioli, gooey butter cake, and thin-crust pizza at all times, and I look forward to satisfying these cravings by returning home to St. Louis after graduating in December 2022.

My passions for writing, reading, and content creation led me to major in public relations and minor in digital, public, and professional writing—that’s a fancy way of saying I love words and use them to get my way, both personally and professionally! After accepting my diploma, I look forward to landing a copywriting, digital media management, or public relations job. 

When I’m not busy in classes, working as a senior copywriter for Capstone Agency, or serving as an editor for Her Campus, you are sure to find me with my nose in a book. I’ve always had a passion for reading, but the onset of the pandemic and quarantining at home reignited this love and gave me plenty of time to get back into reading! Since early 2020, I’ve been busy diminishing my to-be-read pile and achieving my Goodreads annual reading goal. Ever heard of BookTok? You can thank it for my direct payments to Barnes and Noble. 

This is my second semester with MOSAIC, and I am taking my victory lap as the digital editor. I can’t wait to create groundbreaking graphics, lead an accomplished team and continue to grow Mosaic’s social channels and website!