Name: Caroline Margle

Position: Editorial Team

My name is Caroline Margle, a senior at UA studying News Media and Psychology.

Although being a full-time student has its stressors, I have loved every second of my last three and a half years here on campus expanding my skills and mind through my education in journalism. After graduation, I hope to pursue a career in the entertainment industry on an editorial public relations team or as a columnist. I have always been passionate about music and pop culture which inspires me to have an intense drive to come up with new ways to produce the most engaging story-telling techniques for readers and work for an entertainment publication. Despite my desire for reporting on pop culture, my passions for writing run deep and I am happy to write a variety of stories which makes me extremely eager to work with Mosaic and provide audience members with interesting and entertaining content! 

Aside from my professional aspirations, my interests consist of yoga, eating abundant amounts of Chick-Fil-A, blasting R&B around my apartment, hosting very intense game nights, and making plans to travel to new and unseen places (unfortunately not so much nowadays.) I have always been quite consumed by wanderlust which led me to trek fourteen hours south to Alabama for college. I am originally from Easton, Pennsylvania, just an hour north of Philadelphia. Although I do catch myself missing the taste of authentic cheesesteaks and running up the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps imitating Rocky, I am happy to be experiencing a whole new part of the country during my college years and working with amazing people like the Mosaic team.