Name: Brett McCollum

Position: Editorial Team

My name is Brett McCollum, and I am a senior Mechanical Engineering major at the University of Alabama from Grayslake, IL. I arrived in Tuscaloosa for my freshman year in the fall of 2017 based almost solely on the quality of out-of-state scholarships provided by UA but have since come to appreciate all that Alabama (and the South as a whole) has to offer.

After completing my co-op program with them, I worked for Jordan & Skala Engineers this past summer as an Assistant Mechanical Designer where I designed and specified HVAC systems for numerous multifamily, commercial, and hospitality buildings all across the country. I’m passionate about all things engineering and am currently the Team Executive of a senior design project working with Honda’s Alabama Auto Plant.

I grew up loving sports and am a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan having played baseball for 12 years growing up. I’m also somewhat of a serial hobbyist. I’ve bounced around everything from Brazilian jiu jitsu to rock climbing to sim racing to playing the guitar. Playing the guitar, being the most permanent of my hobbies, I’ve done for 7 years now even becoming a certified guitar instructor in my senior year of high school.

I’m excited to be a part of Mosaic this semester to further develop my writing and teamwork skills while contributing to an interesting project in a field where I don’t have much experience.