Name: Virginia Lowry

Major: Nursing

What are your plans after graduating?: After graduating, I plan to move back to Mississippi and work as a nurse in the pediatric emergency room!

Why did you choose to join the Honors College?: I joined the Honors College for several reasons. I have always heard good things about the Honors College here at UA. The Honors College has given me a community of other students who are ready to immerse themselves in their studies. I believe the Honors College has given me the best education, the best courses, and the best professors.

What was your favorite class you’ve taken with the Honors College and how has that class impacted you since you took it?: UH105: Academic Mentoring was my favorite class I had the chance to take. I loved being able to work with kids, and I think it helped me discover that I want to be a pediatric nurse.

What will you take from the Honors College into your life beyond graduation?: The Honors College has given me the opportunity to discover other cultures and develop a passion for learning. I will continue to seek opportunities for growth and understanding the experiences of others after learning so much in the Honors College.