Name: Meredith Kent 

Position: Website Team 

Meredith Kent was born and raised in Brandon Mississippi (a small town about 10 miles east of Jackson). Kent knew from a young age that her goals were too big for the small town she resided in. Growing up in such a small town, she always felt like her desire to be original was suppressed. In Brandon, people thrive on the routine they are given solely by living in Brandon. They are born, they go to school, come back, usually pop out a kid or two or six, and when they retire, and the cycle goes on for generations. So, she went about her life from the surface meeting the status quo of conformity while deep down wishing that there was a way to break out of the robotic role she had been placed in. Kent knew she would do everything in her power to escape the vicious cycle that is small-town Mississippi.

After waiting out her time in Mississippi, high school graduation finally approached and Kent knew she was one step closer to pursuing her dreams. Kent started school at the University of Alabama where she could finally utilize her creativity as she had so long yearned to do.  Majoring in English with a triple minor in creative writing, journalism, and computer technology and applications, Kent learned to balance the logistics of having a practical future with following her passions and whims. 

During her time at The University of Alabama, Kent not only branched out interpersonally by striving to make progress on achieving her dreams, but she also made the best group of friends that she credits most of her success to. The support system that Kent has experienced while pursuing her degree has been something that she has never experienced before; they have taught her to push herself farther than she ever thought she could go. 

Relatively to the size of her dreams, Kent has made some progress but she finds herself search new ways to expand her set of skills to reach closer to her huge dreams. Kent strives every day to ultimately reach her end goal but for now, she focuses most on enjoying life and finding joy in the things she does.

Currently, Kent finds joy in buffalo chicken sandwiches, dangerously long naps, Jeopardy reruns, cat pajamas, and cats in pajamas. She hopes that all of her favorite things will one day merge (yes, even the buffalo chicken sandwiches) creating the ideal future. 

Working every day to create this future herself, Kent’s love for reading and creative writing have grown tremendously. She finds herself writing about every aspect of her life and reading and re-reading every book on her bookshelf.  Recently branching out of the consumption of literature and the production of writing, she has begun to dabble in the art of editing. Kent has experience editing multimedia projects that she practices along with her job as a copy editor on campus. She previously served as a contributing writer for Mosaic but is excited to take on the next step in developing her skills as a part of the Website Design Team. Kent’s interests and goals have not and will not ever stop accumulating new elements, but that is the beauty of having goals that will always push you. That is what Kent finds to be her ultimate goal: constantly pushing herself to the next step.