Name: Abby Patterson

Position: Design Team

My name is Abby Patterson, and I’m a junior majoring in public relations and minoring in both communication studies and English. I’m from Madison, Alabama, a small town right outside of Huntsville. I spent this past summer and Christmas break working at my local Home Depot. A lot of people seem to have bad experiences when working in the customer service industry, but I actually had a lot of fun. Getting to talk and interact with people from such different backgrounds and industries was an enlightening experience. During school, I work at the Sanford Media Center over in Gorgas. 

When I’m not working or in class, I can usually be found walking my dog, Brody. He is quite the handful. Since I adopted him last March, I’ve learned a lot about dog behavior and training methods. I like to think of myself as an amature dog trainer. In my free time, I like reading (although my “to be read” shelf would beg to differ) and watching Netflix. Unlike most people, however, I am incapable of binge watching a series. I can usually make it through two episodes of a show before I lose interest and have to watch something else. My favorite foods are pasta and bread. I have major respect for anyone who has ever gone on a carb free diet because I do not have the strength to do so. I decided to join Mosaic this semester in order to gain experience in my industry and because it seemed like a great opportunity to try something new.