#HealthyHonors - Jackie Guezille

Here's how UA Honors Students keep up with their #FitWit

“I wake up every morning at 5am to go to rowing practice, which makes me even more sleep deprived than the typical college kid. One of the ways I make sure to stay healthy and ready to perform for rowing, despite the lack of sleep, is by eating healthy and listening to my body. I try and pack nutritional snacks like trail mix or fruit so I can eat during the day without being tempted to go to Chick-fil-A in between each class. While I would love to have nuggets and fries everyday, I have found that I perform a lot better when I’m eating more nutritionally dense and healthy foods.

I have also found that mental breaks are extremely important. School and competing for rowing can be extremely stressful, so I try to take a little time out of everyday to do one thing that I love that helps clear my head. Sometimes it is as simple as petting a dog or going to a yoga class, but I have found that my grades and athletic performance improve greatly when I’m calmer and happier.”