#HealthyHonors - Sophie Regard

Here's how UA Honors Students keep up with their #FitWit

“I was always pretty active in high school- I rode horses, played volleyball, and ran track. The biggest thing that’s helped me with the stress of school has been to get my blood flowing. I love to go for runs, hit the gym, or simply walk outside. Anything to break a little sweat keeps me balanced.

I’ve noticed it makes me much more productive too if I mix things up as I study. As far as eating goes, of course it’s much harder in college to stay healthy. I love a good slice of pizza or bowl of ice cream and it’s actually pretty good for you if it’s all in moderation! After watching videos on the meat processing industry, I am also considering going vegetarian. All of the artificial hormones in meat, especially chicken, is not good for your body and I think it would overall make me feel better if I cut it out of my diet.

¬†All in all, balance has been my priority so far in college. I find that I feel my best/healthiest when I keep my eating habits, social life, academics, and time alone balanced because it means I’m always mixing things up!”