#HealthyHonors - Michaela McLean

Here's how UA Honors Students keep up with their #FitWit

“It can be a challenge to maintain a healthy lifestyle in college. It is so easy to snack late at night and grab unhealthy food when you are on-the-go all the time. However, half way through my college career I made a commitment to live healthy from the inside out. As a dance major and healthy-living advocate, I make health and fitness a priority in my everyday lifestyle. On top of attending dance classes, I attend Pure Barre and run at the Riverwalk 3 times a week! I grew up in a family that is passionate about eating organic, so I try my very best to make sure I am feeding my body nutrient-dense foods. While it may seem like eating healthy is a burden and an ‘out-of-your-way’ chore, it is important to remember that you are investing in your health for the long run.”