The only thing that makes college students panic more than a pop quiz is the dreaded phone call from your parents notifying you of their surprise arrival into our beloved T-Town. Once you hang up the phone, panic almost always ensues. Is your apartment clean? Did you leave your empty Wine Wednesday bottle on the counter? What are you going to do with your parents for an entire weekend?

The Start to Your Day: A Campus Tour

Although this option may not be considered out-of-the-box, it’s always a good choice. You can personalize your tour and make it last as long as you want. Take them to Gorgas for your favorite table to study (or cry) at in the midst of deadlines and exams. Show them your classrooms (trust us, they care) or introduce them to the wonderful world of college dining halls. Catch Denny Chimes at exactly the right time, and they too will call campus their home away from home.

The Quintessential Southern Food

Speaking of eating, I think that’s one thing we can all agree is the perfect weekend activity, especially when barbeque in the South is a must. There are endless options for barbeque in Tuscaloosa, but my personal favorite is Jim ‘n’ Nicks. Try Dreamland or Archibald’s for a more authentic spin, or lead them to Moe’s for a fun college vibe.

Why Should the Eating Stop After Dinner?

After you’ve walked off your hearty BBQ dinner, head over to Ingram Farms for a nice cool scoop of ice cream — but make sure you eat it quickly before the southern humidity melts it away.

The Eating Truly Never Ends

Whether your parents were brave enough to endure the bar scene or enjoyed a nice quiet night in their hotel room, they will surely be in need of a hearty breakfast the next morning. Edelweiss is a German bakery that serves mouth-watering pastries that you and your parents can enjoy over a warm latte before starting the day. However, if you’re looking for a sweet treat instead of a savory pastry, head down the street from Edelweiss to Babe’s Doughnuts.


There’s Only One Thing Missing

Of course, you can’t visit Tuscaloosa without attending a sporting event, no matter the season. Even if you and your parents aren’t live sports fan, you can check out the Bear Bryant Museum on campus. You really can’t visit without doing something sports related, seeing as UA is home to more than a handful of national championships.

It’s Called Crimson, Not Red

While you’re out and about, keep your eyes peeled any one of the plethora of stores filled with Alabama apparel and paraphernalia. School spirit is all the rage here at UA, and your parents are going to need more crimson in their closet if they are going to continue visiting you in T-Town.