Name: Matt Poirier

Position: Photography Team

My name is Matt Poirier, and I’m a senior studying computer engineering and computer science from Providence, RI. To answer some frequently asked questions about Rhode Island, yes, people from Rhode Island do exist; no, we are not part of New York; and it only takes about 45 minutes to drive across the state. Like any good Rhode Islander, I grew up loving Boston sports and the beach, calling water fountains “bubblers,” and being addicted to Dunkin’. To this day, nothing has changed in those regards.

Coming from the smallest state in the Union to UA was a big adjustment for me. Attending a large, southern public school was a big lifestyle and culture change. However, throughout my time here, I have grown to love the University and enjoy living in the south more and more. Whether it is cheering on the Tide, attending class, or just meeting new friends, the numerous great aspects of UA have made it feel like home.

On campus, I am primarily involved in Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) and the Student IT Forum. Both of these groups have allowed me to grow in some of my various interests including technology and music production. Beyond these activities, the rest of my time is spent running, longboarding, attending sporting events, cooking, and spending quality time with friends.For as long as I can remember, I’ve also loved cameras.

From a young age, you could find a camera in my hands whether I was simply out in the backyard taking pictures of flowers to taking videos at family weddings. Thanks to some of my friends expressing a similar passion for photography and videography, high school was a time of great growth in my experience and skill behind a camera. In high school, my focus was mostly on videography, but taking photos is still something I love to do. My sophomore year, I got involved in Mosaic, which provided a welcomed return to photography.

I’m looking forward to another great semester with Mosaic!