Name: Gracie Hussey

Position: Photography Team

Hello, my name is Gracie Hussey. I am currently a senior at the University of Alabama, and I am majoring in Finance and minoring in Psychology. I have always had a love for math and love communicating and learning more about how the brain works, which is how I chose the unusual combination of finance and psychology. 

I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee; however, my family moved to Nashville, Tennessee almost two years ago. When I moved, it was a massive change because I left all my friends and the rest of our extended family in Memphis, but it has been a positive change. I have adapted to living in Nashville and now love it! Growing up in Tennessee has sprouted my love for country music and the outdoors. I also love barbecue and am a firm believer that Memphis has the best barbecue!

I have two older sisters, Brooks and Katie. Brooks went to Wake Forest University and Katie also went to the University of Alabama. My parents are named Beth and Richard; my mother went to Alabama and my dad went to Cornell. Growing up as the youngest of three girls is where I get my competitive nature from. All three of us grew up playing soccer, so being the youngest, I really had to push myself to compete with my sisters and get on their similar skill levels. I am a huge animal person and we have three dogs; two Goldendoodles and one Berne doodle. I enjoy spending time with them and taking them on hikes in my free time. I also love traveling, hanging out with my friends, and reading.

I am so excited to take this class and see where it takes my photography skills!