Tuscaloosa’s local bars and restaurants help build the southern and vibrant atmosphere that The University of Alabama prides itself on. What improves this atmosphere even more? Student bartenders. Bartending is a great part-time job for students looking for opportunities on campus, as well as a way to interact with family, friends, and Tuscaloosa locals.

McKenzie Minx is a senior interior design major at The University of Alabama. Minx has been working as a bartender at The Booth since late July this year and said she felt like a perfect fit for the position.

“I chose to work at a bar, honestly, because I’m probably never going to be able to do it again anywhere else. I’m from Houston, Texas, so it’s a big city. Being able to bartend in a small town where I know I am going to be safe and know the mass majority of everyone who goes to the bar is great. It’s just fun to just be on that side of it,” said Minx.

In a town like Tuscaloosa, bartending is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash and do so in a safe environment. Female bartenders and students specifically have expressed their gratitude for how safe the environment of the local bars is, especially in the late hours of the night.  

A less talked about perk of bartending is the ability it gives students to learn how to adapt in fast-paced situations and pick up on dynamics such as body language.

“It’s a great way to definitely pick up on social cues and get better at small talk in conversations with customers,” said Minx.

Minx even refers to The Booth as being “one big family environment.”

Brooke Weithorn, a senior and marketing sales major, also works at The Booth and has been a bartender there for 11 months.

“I chose to work at a bar because you make a lot of money, and it fits best with my schedule to work at night rather than during the day,” said Weithorn.

In addition to the feeling of comfort in a college bar, the time availability and money are suitable options for students interested in working as a bartender. Still, nothing beats the “crawfish boils in the spring that people really enjoy,” said Weithorn.

The students of UA have made bartending not only a safe and suitable job for young adults but have also turned these local jobs into family and community.