Name: Kendall Frisbee

Position: Editorial Director

Hello! My name is Kendall Frisbee, and I am the Editorial Director for Mosaic Magazine this semester. It’s my third year here at Bama and my third semester as part of the Mosaic team. I previously served as Social Media Editor during the Spring 2021 semester and as a contributor before that. I’m a public relations major specializing in technological and digital communication management with minors in Spanish and management communication. I’m also very involved on campus! 

I’m from Hendersonville, Tennessee, just a short drive from downtown Nashville, and I am 20 years old and the youngest of three. My family and I are all very close, so going to college out of state and being away from them has been an adjustment for me. However, I have built a system of friends here that has made my experience at UA great. 

I am a Taurus sun, a Taurus moon, and a Gemini rising for those interested in astrology. I also have an Enneagram of six with a five wing!

I am currently hunting for the best brunch spots in Tuscaloosa and Music City, and I have to say that Nashville is winning by a landslide. I also spend most of my free time binge-watching movies and tv shows. My favorite show currently is Schitt’s Creek, and my favorite movies to watch are those of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

In addition to my Netflix addiction, my hobbies include creative writing, content creation, working out and playing video games. I wouldn’t say I’m excellent at most of those, but I’m a great person to go to if you want a paper edited! The way to my heart is through a venti iced coffee, so I am a huge fan of going on Starbucks runs with my friends. I am also an amateur bowler and constantly looking for people to go to Bowlero with me. 

Although I am a fan of all furry friends, I am also absolutely a dog person. Back home, I have a cuddly Yorkshire Terrier named Loki, whom I miss every day, and I’m looking at getting a dog of my own to keep me company here.

I am an extremely hard worker and passionate about my field despite my quirkiness, so I’m thrilled to be Mosaic’s Editorial Director this semester. I’m looking forward to showing y’all what we have in store!