Coffee in College UA Edition

It’s not a secret that college students love coffee and saving money. When it comes to coffee options at the University of Alabama there are some good options if you don’t own a Keurig or aren’t ready to tackle a French press. Two well known coffee options (that also take dining dollars) are Starbucks and Dunkin! The Starbucks in the Ferg and the location by Tutwiler both take dining dollars and are great options if you need a morning coffee or an afternoon pick me up. The Dunkin is located in Lakeside Dining. 

If you have made a New Year’s Resolution or are just wanting to try some new drinks I have some options for both lovers of sweet coffee and people who like it straight black.

Plain black coffee has some great health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants that help fight cell damage and is also high in Vitamin B2. Oh, and the caffeine boost helps too. You can order a plain black coffee hot, or the blonde roast is an awesome one to try as well. Their cold brew coffee is also perfectly smooth and can be spiced up with different flavors of cold foam on top!

Sweet coffees and people who like an extra shot of sugar in the morning, this one is for you! If you have seen the viral TikTok Starbucks order (venti iced white mocha with extra caramel drizzle and sweet cream cold foam) and have fallen in love but don’t want the extra calories look no further. A great alternative is a salted caramel mocha! This drink is 100 calories and will give you that caffeine boost you need. 


Here is how to order! Ask for: 

Grande cafe misto 

Add one pump of toffee nut

Add one pump of mocha 

Substitue with almond milk (optional) 

Add one-three zero calorie sweeteners

If you love sweet coffee and are also a big fan of anything iced especially right now Dunkin is your spot! Their coffee is super sweet and is perfect for anyone who is trying to start liking coffee. Some go to orders from Alabama students are…


  1. Hot caramel macchiato 
  2. Caramel iced coffee 
  3. Hazelnut iced coffee 
  4. French vanilla swirl iced coffee