7 Tips To Get Into The Gym When It Feels Like You Have No Time

  1. Schedule your workouts

Look at working out as if it’s a meeting. Schedule it into your day to prevent an overwhelming feeling. When the time to go to the gym does arrive, you have already worked the rest of your schoolwork around it. 

  1. Keep a workout outfit handy at all times

If you keep a spare outfit on you, you are more likely to get out to the gym. I know for me, once I come home and get comfortable on my couch, the last thing that I want to do is get back out and go to the gym. Keeping a spare outfit or pair of shoes will allow you to take advantage of the convenience of going straight to the gym after work or class.

  1. Walk to class as often as possible

I know that especially in the winter, it is a lot easier to take the bus to class. However, if going to the gym or going on a jog is just not in the cards for you, then you can knock out a quick and easy workout while getting to class. This kills two birds with one stone and does not require you to rearrange your schedule.

  1. Find a workout partner

Find someone who will hold you accountable for working out. You are a lot less likely to skip the workout if you know that another party is waiting on you to go.

  1. Incentivize working out

Give yourself a reward for working out –possibly an hour longer of screen time or a sweet treat. Especially when trying to form the habit, having something to look forward to after working out will motivate you to get in the routine of going and exercising.

  1. Use working out as a study break

Think of working out as a chance to catch up on a good audiobook or a second to find a new music playlist. Getting up from a desk and moving your body while doing something you enjoy is a good way to reset and then help you get back to work later.

  1. Get in the right mindset

Don’t think of working out as something you have to do but something you get to do! Get out there and have fun! That’s really what matters in the long run!