Bree Hollis


Bree Hollis

“The XXXI holds both significant and personal value for me because it represents a supportive community of like-minded, exemplary women,” said University of Alabama Alum Ciara Callicott. “The XXXI not only celebrates women’s past achievements, but also supports our future ones.” 

The XXXI is an all-women’s honor society at the University of Alabama. The society is made up of 31 women, including both students and faculty, who have made significant contributions to both the school and the state. Each spring, new members are inducted into the XXXI through the tapping of the mound ceremony, a UA tradition that serves as a rite of passage for students selected for honor societies across campus.  

Named after the University’s founding year in 1831, The XXXI is the only female-only honor society on campus and is dedicated to highlighting the accomplishments of these women. Since 1989, these women have made a positive impact on other students through inspiring academic excellence and the importance of service work.


The XXXI celebrates the many accomplishments of these women and provides them with new opportunities to serve their community. Last year, the women of the XXXI volunteered at The House Tuscaloosa, a bookstore that promotes and raises money for literacy efforts, as well as sells books for a reduced price. The women assisted by gardening and sorting books. The XXXI also hosts female entrepreneurship workshops throughout the year to empower college women and provide a support system for college women. 

Marcella Martinez graduated from the University of Alabama in May of 2023 with a master’s in political science. She joined the XXXI during the spring of her senior year, however she was not present for the tapping of the mound due to an internship at the White House. Although she could not participate in many of the on-campus events, she said that joining the XXX1 was still an incredibly impactful experience and that she is so glad she had the opportunity to be a part of this group. 

The XXXI believes in making a substantial impact on all women across campus. Each year, the XXXI hosts a women’s lifestyle and leadership conference, EmpowHER. The conference includes guest speakers, personal development workshops, and the opportunity to share individual stories about the impact the society has made on them as young women pursuing a collegiate degree.  

Not only is this honor society an outstanding accomplishment, it also provides the women with strong friendships and an even stronger sisterhood.  The women of this group grow together in their desire to serve and give back through many fun events during the year dedicated to celebrating one another.  

Meghan Haran is a senior from Orland Park, Illinois studying International Studies. Haran is president of her sorority and a member of the Student Government Association. She joined the XXXI in the spring of 2023.  

“What’s been really impactful is not only being surrounded by so many incredible women, but being surrounded by a group of women who are constantly pushing each other to do better and celebrating each other’s success.” 

The XXXI accepts women of all backgrounds, majors, beliefs, and interests. The XXXI is a diverse group of young women who pride themselves on embracing a wide range of hardworking and distinguished individuals who challenge themselves to make a difference in the world. Whether it be working at the White House, becoming a doctor, a performer, a political figure, or an author, the XXXI is an impactful stepping-stone in these young women’s lives.