When we think of midterms and studying, many of us may gravitate towards finding indoor and cozy study spots to grind out work. One of the lesser known spots on campus, Woods Quad, is a great place to switch up the pace and get some outdoor studying in. You would be surprised at how well the fresh air and natural light can rejuvenate your spirits. If you’re somebody who deals with cabin fever, Woods Quad is a great spot to study.

As pictured left, there are a couple of nice wooden chairs throughout the space to sink in to and get some work done. These are tactically placed in shaded areas throughout the quad so you don’t get overwhelmed by that abrasive Alabama sun. In general, Woods Quad is pretty quiet, especially as the end of the day approaches.

Another great study spot in Woods Quad are these nice benches that are scattered all over the vicinity. This one in particular stands out to me, as it overlooks this beautiful and complex fallen robot sculpture. There is a plethora of great artwork in Woods Quad, so if you have a midterm project or any other sort of creative venture upcoming, this area is an amazing spot to catch inspiration. 

Inside of the main building in the quad, Woods Hall, there are vending machines if you need a quick refuel. Also, Woods is right across from the back of the Gorgas Library, so you can go to the Java City there as well if you need a coffee break.

My personal favorite spot in Woods Quad is this center area, which has benches on either side of this super interesting metallic sculpture. As the sun begins to go down, this spot is fully shaded and a great place to relax in the fresh air. The sculpture it features is amazing and is super easy to draw ideas and inspiration from if you feel burned out.

Woods Quad features many great spots to study and lock in at, but also many spots to just chill out in if you need to. If you’re grinding it out in Gorgas (as we all are) do not be afraid to hop over to Woods Quad and get a change of pace.