The Quad

When the weather is beautiful, the quad is the perfect place for a study session. Whether it be sitting on the grass or sitting in the Adirondack chairs that are spread around the quad. 


For a change of scenery, the Starbucks on campus is great for studying as you can grab a quick coffee and have a variety of table sizes to choose from. 


The libraries on campus will most likely be the quietest place to study. Students can choose between five libraries that are located all around campus. 

UA Student Center

The UA student center has many options for study spots. These range from quiet areas on the third floor as well as the great hall. Some students can also be found studying in the food court which is a bit louder. 

Academic Building

A few academic buildings on campus have study rooms and areas available for students. Be sure to check out the Reese Phifer Rotunda, Shelby Hall, and Hewson Hall.