Name: Brennan Reed

Position: Digital Media Team

Hello, my name is Brennan Reed and I am a senior studying Computer Engineering at the University of Alabama. I have completed minors in Mathematics as well as Computer Science. I was born and raised in Clayton, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. I grew up playing soccer and baseball, both for my school and club teams. I no longer play any sports; however, I enjoy going to the gym and watching Alabama football. During quarantine, I adopted from the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter a one-year-old tuxedo cat named Jennifer who is absolutely spoiled. She loves playing fetch, which I’ve never seen a cat do before. I also enjoy traveling, and have been to numerous countries such as Canada, Ireland, England, Mexico, Nevis and St. Kitts.

I have always had an interest in technology and its wide range of applications in society. The ability to create things and have a positive impact on the community and others around you is a very rewarding feeling. I believe engineering is a great way to harness the power of technology to achieve this. While engineering is my focus, I also enjoy being able to be creative using digital media and have worked on numerous websites and digital art projects. Recently, I finished a summer internship doing software development for a quantitative hedge fund.­­

The reason I joined Mosaic was to further develop my skills in digital media and to expand my network within the Honors College. Moving forward, I hope to pursue a career in financial tech or cybersecurity.