Capstone Agency

Capstone Agency is a student-run communications firm that serves clients in the community and abroad. Members are broken into departments, as well as client teams, to create, manage and produce content for contracted clients. The agency comprises four departments–account management, strategy, media and creative content–all of which work collaboratively to successfully execute award-winning public relations and strategic communications content. Based out of the School of Communication and Information Science’s Reese Phifer Hall, students meet on a weekly basis with client teams and departments to create work for clients while staying up to date on pertinent industry-wide news. Capstone Agency has been named the number one student-run public relations firm in the country by PRSSA. 

Applications open at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters and interview within the first few weeks. The next open application period will be in the spring semester of 2022.


Meeting time: Departments meet every Tuesday evening from 7-8 in Reese Phifer, and individual client teams meet once a week at a time designated by the team.