The B+ Foundation

The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation is an organization named after Andrew McDonough, a 14 year old boy who passed away from leukemia in 2007. The B+ Foundation helps families with financial assistance to pay for hospital bills so that they can be with their child during this tough time and not have to worry about their finances. The B+ Foundation was brought to the University of Alabama in 2015 and has been here ever since working hard to raise money for this cause. Every year, there is an annual Spinathon where students from all over campus get together to raise money with a goal in mind. At UA, B+ also has a morale team that meets every 2 weeks where you can be a voice and a leader to raise awareness for childhood cancer. In addition, Alabama has 8 Heroes, which are children in the Alabama area that are in treatment for cancer. They are paired with a sorority or fraternity and they are able to interact with them and have fun!

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